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Sw Figure Overview

Name 🢜 SW Number 🢜 From Set 🢜 Release 🢜 Approx. value 🢜
Clone Commander Cody sw0341 7959 2011 est. >15,-EUR
Clone Captain Rex sw0194 7675 2008 est. >50,-EUR
Red ARF Trooper sw0378 9488 2012 est. >10,-EUR
White ARF Trooper 7913 2011 est. >10,-EUR
41th Trooper sw0519 75035, 75142 2014 est. >15,-EUR
41th Elite Corps sw0518 75035 2014 est. >15,-EUR
Lieutenant sw0629 75085 2015 est. >30,-EUR
Sergeant sw0438 75000 2015 est. >30,-EUR
Captain sw0492 75021 2015 est. >30,-EUR
Commander Neyo sw0524 75037 2014 est. >15,-EUR


Imperiale Noppen

imperiale_noppen_bausteine bricklink - Imperiale Noppen

Figures from Imperiale Noppen: bricklink - Imperiale Noppen

Imperiale Noppen is dedicated to showcasing impressive LEGO creations, particularly those inspired by the Imperial theme. The account features a wide range of stunning models, including Star Wars spacecraft, Imperial bases, and vehicles. The builders behind these creations demonstrate remarkable attention to detail and a high level of creativity. By sharing captivating photos and videos, "Imperiale Noppen" provides inspiration and entertainment for LEGO enthusiasts who appreciate the Imperial theme. The account is a valuable resource for those seeking to explore the world of LEGO and discover unique creations within the Imperial genre.